USC Asia Architecture & Urbanism Study Abroad Program

Memory, Experience, and the Xi’an City Wall

One’s experience of place is unique. Over the past months, our class has time and time again discussed experience, narrative, and memory: mental constructs that inform one’s unique perception of architecture, urbanism, place. Recently, our class travelled to the Xi’an city wall, an event that many in our group regard as a highlight of our travels in Asia thus far. In the video above, I attempt to reconstruct my personal experience of the Xi’an city wall. While photographs and unedited film would seem to capture the reality of my surroundings, I have purposely altered the footage above to reflect the intangible qualities I felt while transversing this otherworldly space. Each shot dissolves, reemerges, and appears superimposed on top of other images, accompanied by music which enhances this layered narrative. My aim is to create a representation of my experience which produces a filmic effect akin to memory – abstract, etherial, non-linear.



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AAU FALL 2013:

University of Southern California
School of Architecture
Asia Architecture and Urbanism
Study Abroad Program

Andrew Liang
Bu Bing
Steven Chen
Yo-Ichiro Hakomori
Andrew Liang
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Neville Mars
Academic Contributors:
Thomas Chow, SURV
Bert de Muynck, Movingcities.org
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Clare Jacobson, Design Writer, Editor, Curator
Laurence Liauw, SPADA, Hong Kong
Mary Ann O'Donnell, Shenzhen Noted, Fat Bird, Shenzhen
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Li Xiangning, Tongji University, Shanghai
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Michael den Hartog
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