USC Asia Architecture & Urbanism Study Abroad Program

Seoul National University Museum of Art_OMA

Seoul National University Gallery_OMA

The form of the Seoul National University Museum of Art is influenced by the desire to physically connect the community to the University.  Situated adjacent to the main entrance of the campus, the museum creates a node for SNU students and the surrounding community to interact.  A pedestrian thoroughfare that links the campus to the community cuts into the side and underbelly of the mass defining the museum’s large cantilever. The cantilevered mass is composed of a steel truss shell that bears upon a central concrete core.  This system gives the illusion that the cantilevered steel mass is floating, defining the large public space over which it extends.  The museum’s interior programs are organized to accommodate the exterior cut of the pedestrian thoroughfare.  Thus, the auditorium and lecture hall spaces are strategically placed to take advantage of the cantilever’s sloped underbelly, utilizing this incline to define the seating rake. The concrete core encompasses the central circulation spiral and library.  All of the various programs are connected and interact within this central axis.  The porosity of the central core allows one activity to flow into the next without the limitation of doors. Together, the cut of the pedestrian thoroughfare and the structure that accommodates the cantilevered form define the space both inside and outside of the museum, creating a seamless procession  of circulation and program.


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